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As Art Williams has so brilliantly stated in a simple motivational talk heard around the globe, one of the biggest problems in business (and life) is talking the walk and not walking the walk.  And along with that goes making excuses. It takes less than 3 minutes to watch this and it is better video you can buy!

We are not saying we are endorsed by Art, but he does inspire us.

We’re here to help you succeed. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time

JDI Spiritual Prayer

Good Morning God

Of myself I know I do nothing
Under God, I am able to do every right thing
So I know You do all of my issues
And I know You need no help
So I relax and have good days as is Your will
And I do what I do without criticizing, condemning or complaining
Thank You and all praise to You and all of Your creation.


JDILife is a division of Emergent Health Corp (EMGE) and is a publicly traded company.  Emergent Health Corp has been in business since 2006, has no debt and is committed to annual growth. The division was founded to take a position in network marketing with products that are unique and developed based on current scientific studies.  JDILife offers these unique products through a special network marketing 7 Tier Affiliate Plan and shares the distribution expenses with its networking partners by paying out commissions.


Our Vision

JDILife’s vision is based upon following the latest scientific research and studies to develop cutting edge products to meet the demand of the market.  When Stem Cell Nutrition made headlines with the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine going  to three Americans who discovered telomeres, JDILife was there with a patented formulas for Stem Cell vitamins.  JDILife offers these products and more through referral marketing to make for the most cost effective way to fulfill that vision. Our products are priced to fit almost every monthly budget and offers equal opportunity to all.

We consider all of our Independent Business Owners as partners and plan to keep an open line of communication no matter how big we become. For a cost of about $1.00 per day, you will have a chance to not only improve your health, but also your financial status. That is a guarantee!

The JDILife model is a 7 Tier Affiliate Plan commonly used in commerce. It is built upon the principle of building an Independent Business with the sale of product as its sole goal. Each Independent Business Owner or IBO is rewarded upon his or her ability to build their own organization without any upfront costs or recruiting bonus arrangements. Each IBO is expected to abide by these objectives.

You can be sure that our program has all of the points below.

  • Credible

    Affiliate type that has been promoted and accepted all over the world.

  • Profits

    Success is determined from work in the form of sale/purchase of products valuable useful to consumers.

  • Supplies

    IBO profits are calculated on the basis of sales results of its affiliate network.

  • Down Line Improvement

    Each Affiliate IBO is strongly discouraged and even forbidden to pile up goods because direct sale of the product for its efficacy and usefulness by its consumers is most important.

  • Prosperity

    The model Increases income and welfare of its Affiliate members from top to bottom.

  • Franchise Rights

    Each Affiliate is only entitled to be one Independent Business Owner (IBO)

  • Recruitment

    The number of Affiliate IBOs recruited is not restricted, but is recommended in accordance with each Affiliate IBO’s capacity and capability to manage.

  • IBO Mentoring

    Affiliate IBO coaching is important to maintain high quality IBOs.

  • Opportunity

    Every Affiliate IBO knows the opportunity increases when the Affiliate IBO builds a network.


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